Mar 09 2016

Three Alarms In Lemoyne Pa.

12823320_1139202726119239_1288217114437916533_oAs the Harrisburg City Fire Departments Squad 8 was leaving a Haz-Mat incident on I-83 a huge  column of smoke could be seen rising from across the Susquehanna River in Cumberland County on the west shore . Squad 8’s Lt. advised Dauphin County that they were available and they  added to the box. The Squad made the short run across the Susquehanna River bridge and immediately went to work. Cumberland County emergency dispatch said the fire was reported in the 100 block of Bosler Avenue in Lemoyne around 11:15 a.m. The fire reached three alarms, officials said, and involved at two structures, a duplex and house, comprised of up to six residences. No injuries were reported. One man was rescued by police and a passer-byer utilizing a ladder found on scene. Photos by Curt Werner

CBS 21 News Article