Jul 08 2014

Strong Storm Hits Adams County


Quint 29 of the Southeastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Services operate at a tree down on King Street in Abbottstown Pa. Tuesday evening.

What a evening Mother Nature provided Adams County around 1900 hours this evening. A fast moving wicked strong storm came roaring into Adams County and left a trail of destruction from the Franklin County line to the York County line. Calls all over Adams County included trees on cars with people trapped (reportedly), trees down on houses, elevator rescues, brush fires with wires down as well. First one I took was a tree into a house in New Oxford Borough at 115 Pleasant Street, from there I hitched a ride with Chief 33 to a tree on a car with entrapment (proved negative on entrapment) on Rt 194 north of Abbottstown, from there, stopped at a tree down on King Street in Abbottstown near The Altand House which Quint 29 handled, we diverted to a transformer explosion with wires down on Kohler School Road. After I departed from the chief, they took another run into York County for a brush fire. All of them pretty much non emergencies, but possibly life threatening in a few of the situations to bystanders had any of the wires come in contact with them.