Chief of Operations/Lead Photographer “Nikon 1″

Steve Roth is the man with the plan! He is the proprietor of this little phenomenon called 911 Photography. He is the man behind the camera on most of the incidents. He is the one carrying a pair of Double D’s (D90 Nikon’s that is). Steve is a self-proclaimed retired fireman with a love of firefighting, photography and money. Together, all three make Steve a happy camper, that and being married to the Chief of Finances.


 Chief of Finances/IT Department

 Lori Roth is the wife of Chief of Operations, Steve Roth. Lori holds the highest ranking title among staff as the person who oversees the finances of 911 Photography. Basically, she keeps Steve from spending too much money on hair brain ideas or buying new camera equipment to often, Her word RULES! Lori is currently working on achieving BS degree in Business Management from Waldorf College. Lori is also the head of the IT Departments of 911 Photograph where her duties include figuring out how to keep our presence on the world wide web working.


Photographer “Nikon 2”

Bryan Felix is a career fireman for the Frederick County Maryland Fire Department and is currently assigned to the chauffeur position of Engine 2 in the city of Frederick. Bryan lives in New Oxford Pennsylvania with his wife and three sons. Bryan assists in maintaining the 911 Photography FaceBook page as well as covers as a photographer.