Nov 16 2014

Photo Of The Week #14-46


Friday morning at 0652, box alarm 99-02 was sounded in York City for a structure fire with entrapment.
Being shift change was at 0700, Engine 99-2 and Truck 99 responded heavy on manpower.
Truck 99 arriving first with E99-2 right behind, they arrived to heavy fire conditions in a multi-family single dwelling, with heavy fire on floors 1,2 and 3. The 2nd alarm was struck immediately.One firefighter was met by a screaming lady saying her three babies……
Forcing their way in the front door, firefighters were met with heavy smoke and fire conditions, quickly realizing if anyone was inside, there was no chance of survival.
The 3rd alarm was struck at 0712. To view addition images, go to the Photo Gallery