Nov 03 2013

Extrication In Fairfield Pa.


Box 2-1
Knoxlyn Rd & Knoxlyn Orrtanna Road
Auto Accident with confinement
2 vehicle accident with 1 extricated by crews. 4 total patients

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Nov 02 2013

Photographer Credentials


Coming real soon, any photographer who shoots for 911 Photography will be issued a All Access Pass with our logo and pertinent information attached. Each Photographers card will be two sided and  will have their photo, their name and a expiration date of the pass on the front. On the rear of the pass, you will find some of the photographers  credentials related to fire service, since most of our photographers are or have been firefighters. We are  hoping this will  ease the minds of fire officers, fire police and police officers who may not know them. This access pass DOES NOT guarantee them access, that is always up to the discretion of the incident commander. However, the pass does explain, the photographer is trying to exercise their First Amendment right under the protection of the United States Constitution. We just want everyone to know, we appreciate the wonderful cooperation we receive now, and we wanted to make it easier for you to identify us when someone says they  are representing 911 Photography.

Nov 02 2013

Photo Of The Week #13-45

2012 Box 3496

The Men In Black

This weeks “Photo of the Week” was captured  On March 1st, 2012, 911 Photography came upon a vehicle accident with entrapment on the Route 462 bridge which crosses the Susquehanna River in the east bound lane in Lancaster County. Lancaster County Pa. Box 3496 was struck at 13:29 hrs

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Nov 01 2013

Public Service Announcment


Oct 30 2013

“Prescribed Burn” On Battlefield

Battlefield Burn

Today, the Gettysburg National Park Service conducted a “prescribed burn” of sections of the historic battlefield in its first ever planned controlled burn to clear fields of brush. The burns are called prescribed because there is a prescription of weather conditions fire specialists need to adhere to that involve wind, temperature, and relative humidity.

911 Photography cameraman Chris Eiker captured this photo from atop Little Round Top, looking out over Devils Den toward Confederate Avenue, along with other shots of the burn being conducted by the National Park Service burn specialists.

The burn was conducted to control invasive exotic species, reduce plant overgrowth and maintain wildlife habitat as well as open up the landscape for tourists.

Hanover Evening Sun Newspaper article on the burn

Oct 24 2013

Home Burns In Lake Meade


Firefighters battle single family dwelling fire early morning hours on October 24, 2013.

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