Nov 09 2013

Mans Best Friend Saves Family


Bella saves family by alerting them to a fire in their mobile home Saturday morning.

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Here is News 27 TV Story on Bella’s rescue

Nov 09 2013

House Under Construction Burns


Friday night lights was provided by a burning home in Monaghan Township

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Nov 08 2013

Franklin County Crash With Entrapment


Friday afternoon crash on the Lincoln Highway in  St Thomas Pennsylvania requires extrication and fly out to local hospital.

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Nov 06 2013

SUV Crashes Building


York County Box 46-05

Hanover and Penn Township Fire Departments respond to SUV into a building with entrapment.

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Nov 05 2013

Chimney Fire Goes Extra Alarms


York County Box  66-22

Wellsville Fire Department alerted for the chimney fire,

fire ends up going two alarms.

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Nov 04 2013

Firefighting Family


911 Photography would like to say congratulations to Richard Dawley Jr. a local firefighter from New Oxford Pennsylvania who on Friday, November 1, 2013 graduated from the Fairfax Fire Department, Fairfax Virginia.  Dawley, known to his friends around the area as Frank, is the son of  Fairfax Fire Department Lieutenant Rich Dawley, and step-son of Fairfax Fire Department Technician  Rosemary Dawley.

Dawley Jr. got his start in volunteer firefighting with the United Hook and Ladder Fire Department, running out of the New Oxford station, as well as volunteering with the Paxtonia Fire Company, located in the Harrisburg area of the state while attending college.

In this photo, Dawley was just presented his helmet from his father, Lieutenant Richard Dawley. The photo also includes Dawley’s step mother, Fairfax Fire Department Technician Rosemary Dawley and Chief of Department Richard Bowers Jr.