Nov 27 2015

Downtown Gettysburg Confinement

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Gettysburg Firefighters respond to a unique traffic accident in downtown Gettysburg. The occupant of a utility truck was confined in his vehicle challenging firefighters to use multiple skills to free him. The truck was confined between a historic building, a tree, and a car. Firefighters quickly assessed the scene and determined that the fastest way to extricate the occupant was to winch the parked vehicle away from the door using the winch from Rescue 1. After stabilizing the vehicles with cribbing, firefighters applied chains to the frame of the car, and pulled it away from the truck. AREMS crews stabilized the patient and transported to a local hospital.  Deputy Chief Wasylyk had command.

Units: Rescue 1, Truck 1, AREMS MICU 54-1, Traffic 1, Gettysburg Police