Jun 29 2014

Cave Rescue Assignment


The Rawlinsville Fire Company along with numerous mutual aid companies worked for several hours to extricate a woman who fell inside the Wind Cave in Martic Township just East of the village of Pequea Saturday evening. Firefighters were advised of a woman who was exploring a cave when she fell 30 feet inside the cave. Rescuers hiked back through the woods up a steep rocky trail to the entrance of the cave. Once they arrived at the cave rescuers rigged ropes and other equipment to access then extricate the woman. Once removed from the cave firefighters had to hand carry the woman in a stokes basket back out the trail to a waiting ambulance that transported the woman to a local hospital. Fire officials on the scene reported that the woman’s injuries were not life threatening. The woman was treated at the scene just outside the cave for possible hypothermia due to the cool damp conditions inside the cave. Photo by Bob Devonshire of Photo-5 Imagery