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May 06 2017

Golf Cart Incident

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United Hook and Ladder along with EMS 54 responded to Bridges Golf Course for a person reported trapped under a golf cart on hole number 15. Personnel removed and transported the subject to a local hospital.

Aug 03 2016

Incident “Has It All” In Frederick Md. 

IMG_1911Frederick County Maryland crash Wednesday morning on Interstate 70 has nearly every type situation imaginable, Commercial Vehicles involved, Entrapment, extrication, Haz Mat Spill, Fire, Land Rescue, Water Rescue and Fly Outs of victims.  






Feb 27 2016

Pilot Rescued From Airplane At Gettysburg Airport

Airplane 911siteGettysburg Fire Department was dispatched this afternoon to the Gettysburg Airport on Chambersburg Road for an Airplane down. Firefighters arrived to find an occupied airplane 50 feet in the air wedged in trees. The pilot was uninjured, however confined in the airplane high in the trees. Because of the location, no fire apparatus was able to access the location. Several plans to rescue the pilot were put into place, all of which were extremely time consuming. Firefighters were able to free stand a 35′ ladder (church raise) and secure it mid-air using ropes to assess the stability of the plane. Maryland State Police Trooper 3 was called to assess whether they could drop a rescue basket down from above, however high winds prevented that attempt. Gettysburg Firefighters continued working by clearing access lanes into the wooded area to bring more equipment in. From free standing ladders firefighters began clearing limbs around the plane while additional resources responded. Eventually they were able to secure the plane to the trees with ropes, and used two 45′ ground ladders to secure a rope rescue system in place. Rescuers from the Advanced Tactical Rescue Teams roped a body harness into the cab for the pilot, who was able to place it on himself. Once the harness was verified, the pilot was lowered 50 feet to awaiting EMS, over 3.5 hours after the initial call.

*We witnessed an outstanding team effort from Gettysburg Fire Department, Cumberland Township PD, AREMS as well as the many neighboring agencies that responded. This was a call where you ask yourself, how many tools do you have in your toolbox*


Nov 27 2015

Downtown Gettysburg Confinement

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Gettysburg Firefighters respond to a unique traffic accident in downtown Gettysburg. The occupant of a utility truck was confined in his vehicle challenging firefighters to use multiple skills to free him. The truck was confined between a historic building, a tree, and a car. Firefighters quickly assessed the scene and determined that the fastest way to extricate the occupant was to winch the parked vehicle away from the door using the winch from Rescue 1. After stabilizing the vehicles with cribbing, firefighters applied chains to the frame of the car, and pulled it away from the truck. AREMS crews stabilized the patient and transported to a local hospital.  Deputy Chief Wasylyk had command.

Units: Rescue 1, Truck 1, AREMS MICU 54-1, Traffic 1, Gettysburg Police

Oct 13 2015

Prolonged Extrication & Rescue


A Sunday afternoon crash near York Springs Pa. in Adams County proved very challenging for firefighters and EMS after being dispatched for a crash involving a passenger van into a 225 year old barn with great potential of collapse. After three hours trapped in his van, the 74 year old driver was rescued by firefighters and flown from the scene by Life Lion to the hospital for treatment. Great on scene photos by Curtis Werner of the extensive operation involving many fire department resources from  four counties.

Jan 14 2015

Rope Rescue Of Canine


A firefighter from the Franklin’s Volunteer Fire Department located in Chambersburg Pa. hold on tightly to a dog that he just rescue from a quarry. The dog either fell or jumped over the wall of the quarry and landed in the very cold water. Firefighters used a rope rescue operation to successfully return the dog to it’s owner. Photo Gallery Here.