Category: Commercial Building Fires

Jun 19 2016

Rooftop Fire In Littlestown Pa.

untitled (5 of 36)Alpha firefighters work on the roof of Sandusky Metals in Littlestown Pa. Sunday afternoon after a small fire broke out under the solar panels covering the entire roof of the structure. The fire was placed under control in less than fifteen minutes.


Apr 27 2016

Stack Fire at UTZ 

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Adams County 911 Center dispatched units for a fire on the roof of Utz Qualty Foods on Kindig Lane in Conewago Township Wednesday afternoon. Chief 29 advised right away he had a good size column visible. Truck 46 arrived on location and advised this was in Hanover Borough and at the High Street facility. Firefighters found a stack on fire in the roof of the snack food producers. The box was placed in service within thirty minutes. 

Apr 17 2016

Smoke in the Building from Mulch Fire

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Gettysburg Firefighters found Smoke throughout the building at the Hilton Garden Inn. The smoke appeared to be the result of a Mulch Fire near the HVAC unit. The building occupants were evacuated for a short period of time until the incident was placed under control by firefighers.

Mar 09 2016

Truck Company Opening Up In Fairfield Pa. 

Truck company 6 members of the Vigilant Fire Company of Emmittsburg Md. work on opening up and extinguising hot spots on the roof of Quadgraphics in Fairfield Pa. this morning after responding to a reported commercial building fire. Employees at the facility had the fire pretty much extinguished prior to the arrival of the fire department. Photo Submitted

Feb 26 2016

Commercial Building Fire In Frederick Md. 


At 0011 hrs, Frederick County box alarm 3-35 was alerted for the building fire across from 8006 Reichs Ford Road, on the city/county line in East Frederick. Frederick County firefighters arrived on scene with fire showing from 3 bays of an industrial building. Companies held the fire to the area of origin in the cast iron fabrication shop. Units operated until around 0430 hours. Photo submitted 

Feb 20 2016

Brethren Home Building Fire

SJR_9815A large building under construction on the Brethren Home Community Complex burned to the ground early Saturday morning. Multiple explosions rocked the fire ground after several propane cylinders exploded.